Victorian Tiled Insert Fireplaces


Rich in authentic detail, the Stovax Victorian Tiled Insert fireplace is based on an original design dating from around 1885. It is available in traditional matt black, highlight polished and fully polished versions with a choice of two superbly cast, decorative hoods or a tiled hood, the latter being a typical feature of the period.

This fireplace is suitable for burning solid fuels or can be supplied with a gas fire.

Key Facts

Brand Stovax
Burns wood and multi-fuels
Gas version
Brass Hood
Finishes Matt Black
Highlight Polished
Fully Polished

Insert Fireplaces

Homes with a chimney opening measuring approximately 36″ w x 36″h (915 x 915mm) or larger will be able to slot in a Stovax insert fireplace. These traditional fireplaces have built-in firebacks and an option to completely cast (with or without hobs) or cast with slots for decorative tiles.

Victorian Tiled Inserts Information

Width Height Depth
969mm 969mm 134mm

Victorian Tiled Inserts Dimensions


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